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Photo pendant

Photo pendant

This unique pendant is a piece we are thrilled to be able to offer. The tiny domed pendant is approximately 5mm in size, and when held close to the eye or a camera lens, you will be able to see your chosen image hidden within. You can choose to change the text around the image (this will be repeated around the image), or keep the default text which is 'I love you' in hundreds of different languages. This is the perfect piece to add photos of loved ones, family members, pets or even scan pictures! It is sterling silver like all our other jewellery items (which isn't as common for these pendants if you've seen them elsewhere! 


This pendant can be ordered on its own to wear as shown, or can be added to any existing pendant you have. You can also add this pendant to your checkout and order without the chain so that you can order it alongside another pendant on our website and we will add it to the chain of your inclusion piece. 


We also offer a few other shapes (as shown in the images), available to order with the chain. You can also opt to order these without the chain to add alongside perhaps a pearl pendant so your inclusion piece becomes the add on! The possibilities with this gorgeous pendant are endless! 


Once ordered, please email us to send your chosen image across. 

    PriceFrom £30.00
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