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Gift Voucher

Our gift vouchers are vouchers that you can purchase that we can send direct to you or your chosen recipient. You can also follow the link to our eGift voucher which can be digitally sent to your recipient.


Purchase a giftvoucher to the value of your choice; the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one whilst still giving them the freedom to choose a piece that's perfect for them!


We will send a monetary gift voucher within an envelope either direct to the recipient, or to yourself (please remember this when entering the postal address), with instructions on how to redeem and where to find us/what we offer.If you would like to purchase a specific item to gift, you can simply order that item to your basket and specify it is to be sent as a gift voucher and we will happily do this for you (along with relevant kit if applicable).


The code to redeem your voucher when ready to order will be written on the voucher to enter at checkout; so please ensure you  keep track of your unique code. 

Alternatively, an eGift voucher will be emailed directly to the recipient or yourself to forward, where they can then enter the given code at checkout to redeem the voucher when your recipient is ready to do so. 

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