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Image by Adrien Olichon

Whitby Jet inclusions


Whitby & it's Whitby Jet

Anyone that has visited Whitby or holds it as dear to their hearts as we do, will be familiar with Whitby Jet. On just about every street and around every corner, you will find a little Whitby Jet jewellery shop with windows full of beautiful creations, set with etheral, deep black stones forged from Whitby Jet. 

Whitby Jet is, as the name suggests, a semi-precious organic gemstone found along our shorelines. It is formed over millions of years, and is the fossilised remains derived from the wood of the Monkey Puzzle tree. It was first used in jewellery as early as 1400BC (there are some stunning examples of Whitby Jet through histroy at Whitby museum!) It is a world famous, and is truly the embodiment of everything that is Whitby. Host to as many as four 'Goth weekends' a year,  with it's incredibly rich, dark black hue; this jewellery inclusion is an incredibly popular choice for visitors from far and wide as a memento of their journey and memories here. We are incredibly fortunate to live just a short drive from Whitby (in Ravenscar), so we are thrilled to be able to offer this significant inclusion to all our items. 


How do we use Jet in our jewellery?

If you'd like to incorporate real Whitby Jet into any of your resin keepsakes, we can do that for you! We are currently one of only keepsake artists that both live on Whitby's doorstep and can incorporate it into our keepsake range! 

We have sourced a crushed, ground version of verified, real Whitby Jet that can be mixed with resin to achieve the deepest shade of black. This can be combined with any inclusion type, and into any resin item we currently offer.


We are more than happy to have a good chat about how we could create a breastmilk piece incorporating Whitby Jet, too; just imagine the incredibly beautiful stark difference between the black of the Jet and white of your milk against one another!  

Want to incorporate Whitby Jet into your piece?

If you would like to add Whitby Jet into a jewellery piece, an ornamental item, a beach creation or perhaps even into a button to add to your clothing keepsakes along with your normal inclusions (ashes, hair, pet fur, breastmilk), we'd love to do that for you! 

This is not a service we are going to charge extra for - all you need to do is to note 'Whitby Jet' in the box where it asks you to state the colour you would like adding, or you can leave us a request in the order notes of your order that you would like Jet adding. If you have any further questions about adding this to your pieces, simply fill out the form and get in touch! 

Thanks for submitting!

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