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Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that the nature of what we do naturally brings abount a wealth of questions; and we want to ensure that you're as informed as can be throughout the ordering, design and creation process. As we cannot answer absolutely all questions sent to us, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help answer any that you may just have! If your question is not answered here, please get in touch. 

  • What happens after I place my order?
    When your order has been placed, an email will be automatically sent to confirm your order. Included, is all the information you may require regarding the next steps and the address where we require you to send your inclusions if you don't require a kit. If you don't receive this email, please check your junk/spam folders and add us to your safe senders list to make sure you receive all further communications. Memorial Inclusions If your order requires ashes collecting, we will send a small, secure mylar bag with label with your details clearly written. A form is included to include any necessary details with full posting instructions and let us know any important details. For all other memorial inclusions; including hair, pet fur, horse mane, whiskers or other inclusions of a similar nature - these can be sent to us directly. The address details can be found in your confirmation email (please note, the posting address is not the address that can be found on the website. Please contact us to obtain this address if you cannot find the address) Breastmilk If you have ordered a breastmilk item we will send a 5ml vial to collect 5ml of your supply. The vial is clearly marked with your name, order number and any additional details (such as if a ring sizer is required). A flyer is also included detailing how to safely and securely return your milk to us, along with a short form to fill out to detail any necessary details. Please read through this information carefuly before returning your breastmilk to us. The flyer also notes how to safely send us hair and umbilical cord, if inlcluding .
  • What contact can I expect to receive throughout the entire process?
    From the moment you place your order, you will begin receiving emails from myself sent from ''. I recommend adding this to our safe senders list to ensure all communications are received without issue. Below I have detailed what emails you can expect to receive from me and the updates you will be sent. The first email, as mentioned will be a confirmation of your order email. This will contain all the relevant information pertaining to your order, turnaround times, where to send your inclusions and what happens next. When your inclusions arrive with us I will email to confirm that they have arrived safely, and I will confirm that your turnaround date has begun (this will only begin on the date you receive this email; not the date your order was placed. I keep track of the dates for every order that these emails are sent so I can accurately keep track and advise where necessary). This email will only be sent if I have time, but where possible I do try to send this communication. When your breastmilk has been preserved, I (if I have time!), will send this email to confirm that I will be starting your jewellery within the next 2 weeks. When your order is complete, the final email you will receive is confirmation that your order is complete and your tracking number. Please note, your tracking number may be added up to a week in advance before we physically post your order. These are all the emails you'll receive throughout the ordering process. If you have ordered a breastmilk item, then we will hold your preserved milk for a full year from the date your order was complete and sent to you. When your final month of those 12 approaches, I will send a final email reminding you that your milk is due to be discarded and offering you one final opportunity to purchase any further pieces, is required before that is done.
  • How long will my order take?
    This varies depending on the items ordered. Any resin items - including breastmilk, will be completed within 4 to 8 weeks from the date we receive your inclusions or breastmilk vial (not the date the order was placed). If there is a significant delay with you sending us your inclusions, this will inevitably delay your turnaround time and this will always begin from the date we receive your items. This turnaround time may increase by up to 3 weeks during particularly busy periods such as Christmas (Christmas orders begin coming in as early as September, and our order books tend to close for guaranteed Christmas delivery on the 31st October). For clothing items, your turnaround time will be 2 to 4 months from the date we receive your clothing.
  • Can I have an update on my order?
    In short, we cannot provide specific updates. Your order will be complete within 4 to 8 weeks or 2 to 4 months from the date you sent your items to us and we received them. The only further update that will be provided from there is when we send tracking and confirmation of completion (or to confirm I'll be starting your order in the next 2 weeks); this is namely due to the fact that your item is usually ready within a few days of us starting it, so there simply isn't an update to give before this. If you have emailed for an update and the email hasn't been answered, please don't be offended but it is very likely either I haven't seen your email or message, or I haven't time to reply/provide an update I don't yet have to give. I will politely ask that multiple emails aren't sent; including across all my socials if you haven't received an initial reply as this takes time away from more urgent queries, and there is only myself available to answer and respond to all emails and complete all admin duties alongside completing orders.
  • Why has my confirmation of arrival email come through days after my milk was received?
    When your milk arrives, as advised I will send a confirmation email to confirm your milk has arrived safely and to advise that your 4 to 8 week turnaround period has begun. Although your tracking may show that this arrived with us on one date, you may receive this email several days later. The emails are sent every few days when your milk is added into our system. We don't send these daily, so there may be up to a 7 day delay between your milk arriving and your receipt of this email. Don't worry though - this doesn't mean you've been put any further to the 'back of the line' sort of thing, as no emails will have been sent during this time - so all milks that arrived during this period will all be added, preserved and processed together. We process milk in batches of 20 one or two times a week. Milk is frozen as soon as it arrives so it remains fresh, even if we haven't yet opened the parcels and added them into the system.
  • Turnaround time - approaching the 8 weeks
    When your confirmation is received, you will notice that it is clearly advised that the 4 to 8 week turnaround period is an approximate estimate, and this turnaround period is not set in stone. We do try our hardest to make sure we stay within these parameters - but this isn't always possible for a number of reasons. Ocassionally, this turnaround time may approach 9 or even 10 weeks if we are particularly busy, or have had unprecidented issues to contend with which may have meant we have been unable to work for a week or more. Whilst I appreciate you're all very excited to receive your items, I do ask for a little understanding if your turnaround time does go over the 8 week mark; as, as above, this is not a 'set in stone' absolute time frame, it's just the time scale we try to work towards. Beyond the 8 weeks, I am happy to answer emails asking for updates and explain how much longer it may be, and why there has been any delays; but I will not tolerate abuse or rudeness if a slight delay has incurred. It's unfortunate I feel I have to go into such detail regarding surpassing the advised approximate 8 week period, but there have been more than one instance where I have been subject to quite distressing and rude messages and emails if this has gone slightly over for reasons beyond my control, so I want to include as much information in as much detail regarding turnaround times, and to reiterate that these are just an advisory that we try our hardest to stick to - but some instances may be entirely beyond our control. We are just a 2 person team, husband and wife working around school hours and second jobs to bring you your wonderful keepsake items. We have 2 young children, and a house and family life outside of this business. We live almost 12 miles away from the nearest shop and our workshop, rurally with virtually no reliable pubic transport. There are a number of reasons we may have slight delays beyond the 8 week turnaround period, which include but are not limited to; Car trouble. We have 2 cars. Recently, both had serious faults within days of each other and we were left without a vehicle, meaning we were stranded for more than a week. If we don't have access to a vehicle, we cannot work at all. Illness. Either with myself, my husband or my children. If my children are poorly, I will prioritise them and not be in work until they are fully recovered. School holidays. During school holidays, myself and my husband work alternate days where possible, so it may take slightly longer to complete items where we would normally both be working together at least 3 days a week, and I would usually be able to work 5. My children do occassionally come to the workshop with us during longer holidays, but it's not very fun for them for 5 hours or more! I do also like to take one or two additional days off a week to enjoy the holidays with my children. Holidays don't usually cause significant, if any delay; but during the 6 weeks this may be the case. Supplier issues. This one is more uncommon - but alot of our items (particularly custom designs) are hand made and made to order. Many of our suppliers are based in different parts of the world, and some of our UK suppliers make everything to order, too. Ocassionally, either shipping delays or them being particularly busy may mean your jewellery blank takes longer to reach us; ultimately taking us over the 8 week turnaround period. Custom designs. Custom designs are a lengthy process - where we have to accommodate the design process, creating the CAD design before production, and sometimes may require custom moulds making that we make from scratch. If we have to make a mould, too, then we first have to source a suitable master that matches your description or request to make this mould from; this can sometimes take time to find the right piece required. As so many additional steps are included, this may take the turnaround time beyond the 8 weeks.
  • How are finished items returned?
    All completed items are packaged securely in coloured but non-descript packaging (incase you've ordered as a gift and would rather your order be kept a secret!). I post all finished items fully tracked, either 2nd class signed for or 48 hour tracked and signed. If you would like to have your item posted via special delivery for next day arrival, please get in touch to pay the difference to upgrade to this postage class. Orders over £200 are sent Special Delivery, anyway.
  • Tracking isn't working, can you provide me an update?
    All our items are sent 2nd class signed for or 48 hour tracked and signed for (unless you have paid extra for special delivery). This means that once the item is with Royal Mail we cannot provide any more information than is provided by Royal Mail. If it says 'we have your item, an update will be provided when we have attempted delivery' this means it is in their system and no further update will be available until it is either marked delivered or delivery fails and it will give details on how you can collect your item. If you are receiving an error message that isn't the message above (please note the message above is not an error message), please ensure that all letters and number have been input into the tracking box otherwise you will not be able to retreive the relevant information.
  • Posting to the USA & Canada
    Postage costs are significantly higher for postage to the US and Canada; this includes the cost of sending your initial relevant collection kit, and postage for your finished item. Sending internationally is a little different, and will differ based on your country of origin. I will advise as accurately as I can, but if unsure please refer to your courier company's website for information. Wait for your kit to arrive. The time this will take will vary depending on where in the world you are ordering from; typically this should take 3 - 5 or 5 to 7 working days, but in some instances may take longer as kits are sent international standard. Fill the vial or mylar bag as instructed and package securely back into the box or PVC bag it arrived in. If damaged, I recommend sourcing packaging no thicker than the packaging it arrived in to save on return postage costs. When returning, you will need to input a specific HS code to declare the contents of your package. If you would prefer not to disclose this information to staff in a postal office, I would recommend arranging your return via an online service with printable label or label they can print and affix for you. Please refer to the form included with your vial to obtain this relevant HS code. This is to declare to customs what your package is containing and is an important step, so do make sure this is included on your return form.
  • Post order guarantee
    In the unlikely event your jewellery becomes damaged and we are satisfied that all care instructions have been closely followed and it was through no fault of your own, we will be happy to make free repairs or, if necessary replace jewellery for anywhere up to 8 weeks after you receive your finished order. Past this date, all repairs will be charged at £15 a time and any replacements will be charged between £30 and £60 depending on the replacement required (not applicable to any clothing keepsakes; this will be discussed on a case by case basis if requried). Please note, postage costs to return your repaired item may apply within the post order guarantee as well as thereafter; this will be discussed with you if applicable. If you feel you require a repair, please get in touch to discuss the repairs required and we will determine what; if any repairs may be required, or provide further aftercare advice if a repair isn't deemed necessary.
  • Returns and Refunds
    Due to the entirely bespoke and custom nature of our business, specifically as we use your inclusions across the board, no refunds will be offered and we do have a strict no refund policy. If there is an issue with your order we will be happy to discuss this with you to fulfil the order to your requirements or expectations; however we will use our discretion for this service as not all repairs or replacements we deem necessary. Returns are only accepted where a repair is being undertaken, and once repaired this will be returned to you.
  • My ring doesn't fit, what can you do?
    As we take a ring size or provide a ring sizer, we always fulfil orders to the size requested. The first thing we will do is ask you to return the ring for us to size and check it is the correct size as per your order; if it is, then there is a £40 charge to replace with the correct size (for some rings this may be up to £60), but this must first be checked by a jeweller local to you to fully confirm your true finger size to ensure no further errors are made. If there has been an unlikely error our side and it doesn't correlate with the size ordered, we will replace the ring for free (and your original ring will always be returned with the new/sent back if you choose not to replace). Please note that ring sizes provided at the point of ordering cannot be changed at a later date if you change your mind as these are custom made and ordered when your order has been placed; the charge will also be incurred to replace the ring, even if we have not yet begun work on your ring as it will of already been ordered for you. If unsure of your size, please check at a local jewellers or request a returnable ring sizer.
  • What are the different inclusions for breastmilk?
    White glitter - These are more visible glitter particles within your milk. Does not alter the colour. Aurora Dust - Very subtle opal like particles that shine when they catch the light. Not obviously visible to the naked eye, but adds a beautiful subtle shimmer. Mylar Shards - These are larger shards of iridescent film placed usually along one edge of your breastmilk stone. They shine like opal with a blue tint in the light. Pearl Shimmer - This is an overall pearlescent sheen, It will alter the colour of your milk to a creamier shade. Silver/gold/rose gold/winter/autumn leaf - These are a very thin layer of the coloured leaf added within your piece, typically on the outside. There are lots of examples of the silver, gold and rose gold leafs particularly on the droplet necklace listing. The winter and autumn leafs are a mix of shades representing those seasons (autumn - coppers, bronze, reds and gold. Winter - blues, silvers, copper, etc).
  • Can I get a ring sizer before I order?
    Although we are able to provide them, we do not offer ring sizers unless the order is placed. You can specifically request a sizer instead of providing a ring size, and this will be sent with the kit to collect your inclusions and we do ask these are please returned with your inclusions.
  • Ring plating
    Plated options, also known as vermeil is a thin layer of your chosen coloured gold binded to the sterling silver base metal. Over time, it is likely this plating will wear back to the original sterling silver state over time. Refunds or replacements are not available where this occurs as every effort has been made to communicate that this will happen prior to your order being placed so that you can make a fully informed decision on the best option for you We do offer gold filled and 9ct/14ct true gold options for some jewellery items - please get in touch to enquire about whether the item(s) you are interested in include these options and the prices. I am intending to update all listings that have these options a soon as I am able.
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