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Clothing Jewellery Keepsakes

We understand at SWL Keepsakes that often, clothing can be just as sentimental and special to people as ashes or hair. We also understand that many would prefer to hold this precious inclusion close within a jewellery item rather than on display in a teddy, blanket or pillow; so we have further expanded our range and are now able to offer all our jewellery and resin keepsakes with clothing within. 

Incorporating clothing into keepsakes also means that we require a minimal amount of fabric; so you can purchase a keepsake even if you don't have many clothing items or even a full intact item of clothing, or any ashes or hair to place within a piece. 


Using clothing in our jewellery

If you would like to incorporate clothing into your jewellery, we will ask that you send a very small piece of clothing cut from your chosen item. The maximum size piece of cloth we require will be no more than 4" x 4". We then take this small piece of clothing, and cut it to the required size and place within your jewellery setting directly, or place within a mould with resin to form the desired shape. There are one or two types of clothing items that this won't work particularly well with (such as knit or woolen items). 

Pictured adjacent is a pearl created with a small amount of a cotton top, in loving memory of a baby that was too beautiful for earth. This piece of clothing held more sentiment than words could express; so to be able to incorporate something so special is incredibly important to us. 

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