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Medium Blanket

Medium Blanket

Approximately 34" x 46".


Include up to 25 baby items, 15 children items or 10 adult items. The backing material colour can be chosen (if available), or we will select a colour that best suits and matches your clothing. If the colour you have chosen isn't available, we will be in touch to discuss choosing another.

  • Ordering

    Upon placing your order you will recieve email confirmation containing an address to send your clothing to. Please contact the page if you require any further information regarding what clothing you need to send. 

    When sending your clothing items please ensure you include a note with your name, return address and chosen item. This is important to ensure your order is made correctly and can be returned upon completion. It also helps to also write your name somewhere small on the outside of the parcel so we know who it has come from when it arrives. 

    Wait times will vary depending on current turnaround - you will be advised of your approximate wait time upon confirmation of your order. 

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