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The ORdering process


Place your order on our website, ensuring the shipping address is the address any kit and finished item will be sent to. We are on hand to answer any questions prior to ordering via the chat box on our site, email, Facebook or Instagram. 


You will recieve a confirmation email with details of our address and instructions for clothing and hair/fur to be sent direct to us, or a kit will be sent with vial or pot to collact your breastmilk or ashes. See more below regarding the requirements for each inclusion.


When your kit arrives, follow the posting instructions closely and send back to the address provided. We do offer recommendations on the best option to choose when posting with regards to letter/parcel size and weight. 


Send your completed form and filled container back to us, and once we receive them we will aim to have your item completed and back with you within the given turnaround time. This begins from the day we receive your inclusions.


** Note 1 ** 

Please try not to send us more than we require. However, any clothing, ashes, hair or fur that we don't use will be returned. We don't return clothing that has been cut up or breastmilk - however we do keep preserved breastmilk for up to a year allowing you to order further pieces if desired without requiring more milk to be sent. 


If you have ordered a piece that you would like set with ashes, we will send a small labelled bag to collect 1/4 tsp of ashes. If we require more based on the items in your order, we will advise you of this. Please fill the form out in it's entirety so we have all the details required, and follow the posting instrutions provided to send safely back to us. *We recommend re-using the same bag the kit comes in to return it back to us. 



Listings should state how many clothing items we require for each keepsake item; however if you are unsure if you have enough or how many we require, don't hesitate to get in touch. Clothing can be sent directly to us to the address provided in your confirmation email (check junk folders if not received). Please ensure you include a note with your name, order details and return address and clearly write your name on the outside of the parcel. We also recommend including a return address on the outside. 



We require just 5ml of your breastmilk supply, even if you have multiple items in your order. We will send you a small vial to collect the required amount, along with full posting instructions and form to fill out and return with your filled vial. We can use frozen or fresh milk, and can use colostrum. Please ensure your vial is securely fastened, wrapped in the provided bubble wrap and returned (As a minimum) in the box the kit is sent to you in.  We keep any remaing preserved milk for up to a year incase any small repairs are required, or to complete any future orders should you require. This means you are able to order multiple pieces in the future without requiring any more milk. 



Hair and fur on it's own can be sent directly to us. The address will be provided in the confiramtion email received after ordering (may be in junk). Please place a small amount within some tissue and then within a piece of card and sent as a letter as normal, remembering to add your name and order number. Please don't use sellotape to secure the hair as we struggle to remove the hair in one piece and it can affect the finished outcome. If you are sending hair along with ashes or breastmilk, please place within some tissue and place inside the folded form provided.

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