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Heart shaped memorial ring

Heart shaped memorial ring

This beautiful sterling silver ring has an ornate 8mm heart set upon the band, with intricate detail around the outer edge of the heart. Within the setting we are able to add your inclusions such as cremation ashes, hair, pet fur and horse mane. Choose from a wide variety of background colours, with your inclusions set within a clear layer above the colour so you are able to see them clearly (unless requested as hidden). 


We are able to send a small pot for your ashes along with posting instructions; we will be in touch to find out if this is needed or if you are able to send you inclusions directly to use once your order has been placed. 


Please note that these rings are custom made for us and as such the turnaround times are a little bit longer (4 - 6 weeks) for this particular ring. As soon as it is with us we will have it ready for you within a few days of receiving it.

  • Colours

    The colours you can choose from can be found in the images - please let us know which colour base/Transparent tint you would like within your piece in the order notes.

PriceFrom £85.00
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