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Tiny 4mm memorial earrings

Tiny 4mm memorial earrings

These beautiful sterling silver earrings are 4mm in size; perfect for every day wear with any outfit. This dainty stud holds a very small amount of your inclusions. We have a wide variety of colours available to use as a base for your inclusions; or you can opt to have your inclusions hidden for a sutble yet sentimental piece, with a secret only you hold. 


We will send a small pot to collect your ashes - all other inclusions can be sent directly to us. You will receive a confirmation message with details of where to send these to if you are not using ashes. 


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

  • Colours

    The colours you can choose from can be found in the images - please let us know which colour base/Transparent tint you would like within your piece in the order notes.

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