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Image by Anthony Melone

We have more than 30 teddy designs to choose from to suit all budgets. We can create almost any animal - if you require a design not seen here, simply get in touch for a chat about your ideas! 

Memory Teddies

Please refer to our FAQs page for answers to many commonly asked questions.

Product catalogue now available - download your copy here

Memorial range
£35 range

£40 teddies
£45 teddies
£50 teddies
Luxury Range


Our birthweight teddies are a truly unique clothing keepsake item. We take your selection of clothing, create the teddy of your choice and then we use a special weighted material to fill the teddy to the exact birthweight of your child at birth! 

Forever immortalise the weight of your baby as your held them in your arms for the very first time. 

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